Philosphy of Education

     It is my current philosophy of education that learning is a life long process shared between the students and the teacher. It is my responsibility as an educator to provide my students with essential knowledge of all academic disciplines and their relationship to music, to nurture their understanding of the values community, and to provide students with the tools necessary to be life long learners and to challenge themselves in their life long learning process. The knowledge I intend to provide my students will be constructed through cooperative learning experiences which develop a sense of community within the classroom. I believe that the success of each student lies within the individual, but as an educator it is my job to to provide the guidance needed for every student to reach their potential, and obtain the goals that are set out for them. I believe the way to properly motivate students lies within the meaningfulness of the instruction. I believe that reinforcers are a means to motivate students. I believe that meaningful instruction geared towards community and culture will help my students relate to the content at hand; and I believe this is the strongest motivator of all.

     The relationship between both student and teacher is one of goal oriented team work. It is my belief that both entities need to work together to create a safe learning enviornment where all parties feel free to be creative and explore new things. Student creativity and expressiveness is conducive to all facets of music education. I believe that it is through a safe learning environment that all students will be able to achieve success not just in music but in life.

     Throughout history various cultures have expressed their emotions through music. It is my belief that music is not just for aesthetic purposes, it is a direct link the past that transcends time. Music is a cultural window, not only into a specific period in time, but into the emotions that each artist wished to convey. It is my job to teach music, but also the world that surrounds the music, as it is conducive to deeper understanding, and inherently a more meaningful learning experience. it is my belief that students should understand these aspects of music as an art form. These methods of learning and analysis will encourage critical thinking, intentful listening, and creativity that will help my students through all of lifes endevours and help facilitate their growth as life long learners.
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